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NISformance Nissan Maxima All Motor Drag car sets the world record with a pass of 11.75 in the 1/4 Mile

We set out to become the worlds fastest all motor Maxima, and we were able to accomplish this goal on our first trip with the car !

We ran 11.98 the very first pass with a 1.94 60ft. After that I knew we could get deeper into the 11's. Overall this was our first time to the track with the car. With a few changes and more seat time our times will only improve.

Track information:

60ft – 1.83
1/8 et-7.60
1/8 mph- 96.07
¼ mph-114.07

Air temp 88°
DA= 2064

Vehicle information:
2002 Nissan Maxima

6spd trans 4.1 gear with open diff
2010 Maxima engine (100% stock)
NISformance cold air 3.5” intake
NISformance Headers
NISformance 3.5” exhaust
Haltech elite 2500 ECU
Aermotive fuel cell with a1000 pump

Car makes 316 whp on slicks and 324 on street tire

Race weight 2480 lbs

We had a lot working against us. Main issue is the tires are too small at 22”. We need a 24.5 or a 26”. We had to turn the rpm up way past the safe limit on a stock engine just to stay in 4th gear at the end of the track. On the record pass we actually hit the rev limiter at 7500 well before the end of the track and even let off the gas before the finish line. We then turned up the rev limiter to 7800 this picked up our mph to 116 but very unsafe for a stock engine.

Also had a issue with cam timing, need to look at data logs and see whats going on. Either the cam control is not setup completely right yet, or we blew the oil gallery gasket out.