Much like the "SSIM" service for metal intake manifold on the 1st gen VQ35DE this mod is intended to be used with other supporting mods in to provide significant gains. Our test car was a 2nd Gen VQ35DE swapped 2006 Nissan Altima 6 speed. Tuning was done via UpRev with ARC.

The main purpose of this modification is to aid in making power in the upper RPM range. As you can see in the Dyno graph below most of the gains were had at over 6000rpm. Peak numbers remained relatively unchanged but power under the curve increased dramatically by almost 15whp!!! This modification is ideal for high rpm applications.

The only downside of this mod is the elimination of VIAS which will result in a loss of low end power.

Modifications and supporting mods include:
NISformance 3.5" Full Cold Air Intake
Ebay headers
3.5" Exhaust
ARP rod bolts
High volume oil pump
Aeromotive 325lph

Peak numbers
Before - 293whp & 270tq
After- 295whp & 270tq

Power @ 7200 RPM
Before - 276whp & 270tq
After - 290whp & 270tq

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