Quick fuel test in our Maxima drag car. We wanted to see what each fuel had to offer. Started with readily available pump gas including 93 octane and E85 (60%) then moved onto VP Racing fuels MS109 and M5. Each fuel required adjustments to be made. There were gains with each fuel leading up to the M5 fuel. As expected the M5 methanol racing fuel offered the best performance gains.

With that being said M5 requires a very stout fuel system setup. Our oem gtr injectors are at max capacity, M5 requires nearly double the fuel volume when compared to pump 93. We saw an increase of 34whp and 17wtq !!!. Overall we are extremely impressed with this fuel although it is very harsh on the fuel system itself. We plan to only use M5 on track cars.

(Click picture for full size)


( 93 octane ) - 324 & 287

( E85 60% ) - 328 & 290

( MS109
Info) - 331 & 294

( M5
Info) - 358 & 304

358 Horsepower achieved on a 100% stock internal 2011 Maxima engine!! This is quite a accomplishment for naturally aspirated VQ engines!

- 2nd Generation VQ35DE (Maxima). Stock and Unopened.

Fuel System:
- 6 Gallon fuel cell
- Aermotive 1000 pump
- Aermotive regulator
- Modified 350z fuel rails
- Oem GTR injectors
- Return setup

ECU and Other Parts:
- NISformance Bolt ons
- Haltech Elite 2500

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