6th Gen Maxima shifter cables into 5.5 Maxima swap

With the 5.5 Gen shifter cables now discontinued the only option for new OEM replacements are the 6th Gen Maxima cables.There are some differences in between the two but with a few small modifications can be used with no issues.

Nissan part number: 34413-8Y000
Price (us):$175

- The main cable is longer by about 2 inches on the 6th Gen cables

- The end attached to the transmission lever is a bigger diameter (5.5 shifter bushing does not work)
- Mounting plate to fire wall is backwards

In order to install these you will have to
cut the mounting bracket rubber down the middle. Flip it around and then seal it back up with silicone to create a water tight seal.

You will also have to remove the cover that goes over the ecu harness going into the fire wall. Otherwise the main cable will rub the end and eventually rub through the cable jacket. An alternative to cutting this piece would be to place some rubber hose on the end.

That's pretty much it, if you want to use aftermarket shifter cable bushings the trans side needs to be 6th gen cable size (larger).

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